Haters Gonna Hate

“The only thing more frustrating than slanderers is those foolish enough to listen to them.” 

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted to Returning Home. I’m reminded today that even though seasons change, even though there are new beginnings and necessary endings, it’s hard to escape the past. I guess that sounds loaded and heavy but the truth of that matter is evident, time moves forward but choices made sometimes want to keep us relegated to who we were when they were made. 

Candidly speaking, life has been so amazing since we last spoke. Andrea and Zoey are doing so well; Andy even celebrated her 42ndbirthday yesterday and we are so blessed that we got to spend some moments this week with close friends as we celebrated how amazing of a woman she really is. There’s been some amazing mountain top experiences as of late. We’ve planted a church in our home city called ‘Exchange’ and in its 11 weeks of infancy, we’ve seen a steady stream of 400 people come weekly and engage in something that I can only describe as authentic and needed for the people in Windsor. Watching those I know personally who have been away from the church or disinterested in the role God wants to have in their lives actually re-engage and begin to prioritize the things of God again has been an incredible thing to see. I truly believe that we are really up to something that’s a God dream!

 That being said, I’m writing from a place of frustration and sadness that in amongst a season of growth of excitement, there has been a personal attack on me and my family this week. Now, I say this not to drag it out or even give specific details of what has come against me but I know its nothing more than an uneducated, misinformed, misguided attack from the enemy trying to but a stop to what is pushing in Kingdom advancement in my city.

Matthew 10:22 reminds me that we will be hated for doing things for God. That the world won’t understand and if there are situations (past or present) that people can use to bring you down, they will and today I wanted to remind you that the battle isn’t yours to fight. 
Stand up for yourself. Yes. Bring false accusations and lies to a place where truth can be shared.
But there are moments where the best thing we can do as His kids is to be still and let Him fight on our behalf. Never doubt that God is greater than any opposition, any lie, any situation that would want to come against His plan for your life.

 Maybe there’s something in your past that you’re not proud of.
Maybe there’s a relationship that went wrong or a financial decision made that you’re still feeling the negative effects of today… Shame and guilt can be something that eats away at you and will continue to until you find life in the fact that you are not the sum of your mistakes, rather, you can be stronger now that you ever have been because you have gone through the fire and know what NOT to do as you move forward in your journey. 

 Here’s what I beg of you. 
DO NOT own what isn’t yours to own.
DO NOT give in or bow out because of the lies that have been or are being spread.

If there’s a struggle, if there’s a battle, it’s probably because you’re doing something right and your mistakes are now working out for good! 
So keep your head up and your heart focused on the One who knows you best and has plans to prosper you and not to harm you; to give you a hope and a future. 
For those who have messed up in the past and have continued to press forward, not getting thrown off by opinion and rumors, I’m in your corner cheering as loud as I can. I believe that the ashes are turning into something beautiful and that you’re surrounded by the right people who are watching the water turn to wine. And to your haters, they don’t know you or your journey. They don’t know the facts from the truth and you have nothing to prove to them. Let go and watch God bless exponentially what the enemy is trying to take away. 


Keep going my friends.
You’re doing better than you know


Drew Riach

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