Not Natural

submission is not about authority and it is not obedience; it is all about relationships of love and respect.

I remember once fleshing out the thought of “when is the Bible ever wrong.” And to give you the short answer; I believe that the Bible is only ever wrong when it’s used as a weapon to hurt people. Now, I know that this happens every single day. Just looking at some of the random “friends” I have on Facebook and I’m usually left asking myself, why would anyone want to be friends with these people let alone follow the God they use as an excuse to bash people’s issues, downfalls or sin. Some of the things I see posted… gah….

Now, the last thing I want to do is water down the gospel in my personal thoughts or writings. I don’t want to play both sides when it comes to any issue but I also recognize the importance in knowing that I don’t have all the answers.  I find its just so easy for people to get caught up in opinion when hot topic issues arise rather than truly turn to the heart of God and ask what Jesus asks from me as His son. Okay, Okay… I’m not being direct. Here’s where recent events and lots of time spent running have had my thoughts.

Sin is an issue of submission.

Even the word “sin” – although meant to really only hold a negative connotation – sets up instant walls in most conversations where both parties become more interested in standing one’s ground or proving one’s point than really coming to a resolve. You name it, from the simple to the severe. From swearing to high school slayings (I know, that an extreme jump) I suppose that as believers we need to submit our lives in all areas to Him. Are we actually willing to submit the things we feel or want or desire at His feet even if it feels counter intuitive to who we are? I mean, if I have an issue with gossip or stealing and yet am aware that its against what God has asked of me in His Word, am I willing to submit that to the one who died a horrific death so that I could have a way to Him.

Luke 9:23 reminds me that I HAVE TO deny myself. Whatever agenda, whatever opinion, whatever feeling I have and put those issue on my back every day as if they were the very things that would weigh me down like the cross did as He walked to that hill on my behalf. Deny myself, take up my opinions and feelings and follow His guide map for my life.

As much as I said at the beginning of this that I want to speak Truth more than just opinion, I know that these 500 words are full of holes and faults and a journey that is trying to love others and find a closer way to His heart.

I’m trying daily to submit. It sucks. I fail. No title or platform will ever make me not a struggling son of His… but I choose to rely on the fact that He is perfectly perfecting those poor opinions I so often let shape my reality.

Here’s to doing what doesn’t feel natural. Submitting. 


Drew Riach

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