Returning Home consists of the thoughts and writings of me, Drew Riach. My hope as you read these submissions and follow along with this story is that you will start your own journey towards an authentic heart. I believe that God truly can take all things, even the ugliest moments in your life, and turn them on their heads for good.

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I believe that all stories matter.
And this is mine.
Returning Home.

This is a true ashes to beauty story. As Drew shares the high highs and the low lows that surrounding his testimony, all of which are completely soaked in grace, restoration, and hope; he holds nothing back, allowing his life to be an open book and allows the love and mercy of Christ to take centre stage. I’m proud of my friend and pray that his words help you along your journey. 

- Josh McCabe, Pastor/Musician, Toronto Ontario

Drew Riach is an open book. Instead of sweeping his sins under a rug, he has shared his inequities in hopes to spread the goodness and mercy of God! Drew embraces God's forgiveness and shouts from the rooftops that you do not have to be perfect to be loved and the God of the Bible is alive today, ready to embrace you in your difficulties and victories!

-Dr. Wayne Parks, Physician/Pastor, Las Vegas Nevada

I have been able to be a part of this man’s journey in a variety of capacities, but none more beautiful than that of a brother. These writings of ‘Returning Home’ have the ability to see many of the fallen and shamed find courage and restoration. It also has the strength to move the Pharisee in all of us to not only drop the stone and walk away but to find our way to where Jesus is bent down writing in the sand. “Don’t call it a comeback!”

-Calvin Forbes, Pastor, Toronto Ontario

In Returning Home, Drew shares invaluable keys from life experiences that this generation needs to hear. I believe after reading his words we can all value authenticity, honesty, and integrity in a more ardent way.

-Phil Bixby, Friend, West Palm Beach Florida

Drew’s words so powerfully demonstrate the truth found in 2 Corinthians 5:17, that the old has gone and the new has come. Within his words, every person can find something that resonates inside of them. Drew’s story will move you to tears at the power of God’s resorting love and the nature of His heart to see you as HE does, no matter how dark your worst moments are. I am truly honored to know this family and I champion their call to see other’s return home to the Father’s heart.

- Mel (Melo) De Sequeira, Worship Leader, Calgary Alberta